Urban Chowk opening in Yalm as first pop-up kitchen

Yalm has announced that the first pop-up kitchen to open in its main first floor food hall from Tuesday 1 August will be Urban Chowk which will be serving an authentic, vegetarian and vegan Indian menu. Urban Chowk comes from the team that manages Namaste Village, the very popular, award-winning vegetarian and vegan Indian restaurant on Queen’s Road in Norwich.

The name Urban Chowk is very appropriate for Yalm as ‘chowk’ means junction. The Royal Arcade has three junctions at White Lion Street, Gentleman’s Walk and Castle Street where Yalm is situated.

Highlights from the menu include starters such as Kachori, which are fried pastries containing spiced green peas, Cheese Paneer Samosas and Chick’n Momo, steamed dumplings stuffed with spiced vegan chicken. And, the main dishes include Kaju Vegetable Korma, Paneer Butter Masala and Spicy Honey Chik’n Garlic.

Dan Searle, Operations Manager at Yalm said, “We always planned to have pop-up kitchens to guest at Yalm but it was crucial to make sure that whoever came in was a good fit and had no overlap with what our regular kitchens have to offer. Urban Chowk is perfect. We are delighted to welcome its exclusively vegetarian and vegan Indian cuisine, which no other kitchen offers. Plus, its food is of the highest quality our customers expect as it will be delivered by the team behind the award-winning Namaste Village. I believe that Urban Chowk will attract new customers to Yalm and will give  our regular customers even more reason to return.”

Ketan Vaghasiya, Director of the Namaste Group said, “We are very excited about bringing our particular taste of India to Yalm with the opening of Urban Chowk. We have worked with Dan to create a unique menu that will have broad appeal and caters for many people’s choices, whether that’s vegetarian, vegan or even meat. Our unique menu includes some dishes that use state-of-the-art ‘mock meats’, which are 100% plant-based and high in protein. We are looking forward to working with all the other kitchens in Yalm to make it an even more attractive place to eat.”