Meet Rory from Gyre & Gimble

Meet Rory the co-founder of Gyre & Gimble – distillers of fine artisan gin

With co-founder Craig, Gyre & Gimble combines an innovative approach to distilling their own award-winning gin with a commitment to being environmentally conscious. It was named the UK’s Best Gin Producer at the International Wine and Spirits Competition 2023.

Its Gin Academy has brought a new dimension to the Royal Arcade. Over two and half hours, G&T in hand, with the help of one of Gyre & Gimble’s master distillers, you will be guided through the creation of your very own gin.

Choose your botanicals, accurately weigh them, dilute your spirit and finally distil your gin. Once ready, they will label, bottle and wax seal your gin for you to take home. Your recipe is then kept on file at the distillery so that it can be reproduced whenever you want another bottle.

Its Royal Arcade premises also stocks a fine range of wines and spirits from independent wine producers and distilleries from around the world.