Fantastic review of Yalm in EDP

We are delighted with the full page review of Yalm written by food expert Andy Newman in today’s EDP.

“…Yalm deserves to succeed, and I think it will, because it is swimming against the tide of identikit chain restaurants who are more interested in what is on the balance sheet than what is on your plate. The people making and serving your food here are passionate about it. They are there because they want to do something different.

“This kind of initiative is vitally important for our city, even to those who are not into eating out. Yalm offers local people the chance to experience something new. It is affordable and accessible, informal and fun.

“So it’s a big welcome to this latest addition to Norfolk’s foodie scene. Like every other independent eatery, it will rely on all of us giving it our patronage for it to be a success. But from what I saw on my sneak preview, that won’t be a hardship at all.”