EDP centrespread featuring comment from Royal Arcade store owners

The Eastern Daily Press (EDP) published a feature about what those in the retail and hospitality sectors  would like to see in the upcoming Spring Budget.

Dan Searle from Yalm said, “The hospitality sector has been through some incredibly tough times in recent years and hit far harder than many. It is, and always will be a resilient sector but there needs to be a sea change in support from the government to encourage genuine and sustainable growth, innovation and investment in the sector. Amidst duty increases and rising energy costs a full review of VAT for the sector along with more funding for training and development to encourage sustainable careers within the sector would be most welcome.”

Steven Scott, Langleys, said: “The assistance with Business Rates discounting for the retail sector has been incredibly helpful and welcome. If the Government has come round to recognising the contributions that interesting small businesses can make to our high streets, including the employment they create, it would be great to see a longer term structure to these discounts to help with planning beyond merely the next 12 months.”

Daniel Bradford, Marmalades, said, “Government assistance would be welcomed and is essential for the growth required within both the retail and hospitality sectors. We strongly believe that consideration should be given to a renewed energy bill assistance/reduction scheme for local small businesses such as ours, that offer more than just food and beverages, but also a place for friends and family to gather in a neutral, comfortable and relaxed environment. In addition, we believe a reduction to 5% VAT for the food sector, may in fact encourage more growth within the industry.